An Online Holiday Adventure
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The North Pole is under siege! Santa has been captured, and Christmas is on the brink of ruin. A handful of elves have managed to escape and send out a plea for help. Do you have what it takes to save Christmas?

Mission: Elfpossible is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. This 100% digital game can be played solo or in a group, in-person or remotely, via desktop computers or laptops. The game includes a variety of puzzles as you infiltrate the Pole: crack security measures, evade perilous defenses, and uncover clues. Within minutes after purchase, receive an email from pip@elf.enterprises to begin playing!

While the themes in the game are appropriate for all ages, the puzzles are still challenging! Like our other games, we recommend ages 14+, though younger players may still enjoy the game.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time game!

⏳  1.5 - 3+ hours of fun

🖥  Play solo or in a group, in-person or remotely

🎁  A great gift! See our FAQs below for more info

🎄  Play the game with festive snacks & drinks

Once you place an order for Mission: Elfpossible, begin by reading the Getting Started Guide.

Then, look out for an email from pip@elf.enterprises with the subject "THE ELVES NEED YOUR HELP!" which should arrive within a few minutes of your order. Click into that email when you want to begin playing. If you have issues finding the email (after checking your spam folder as well), email us at support@puzzlingpursuits.com or message us through Facebook.

Play on a laptop or desktop computer (a phone screen will be too small, and a tablet will not work for one part of the game that requires moving the cursor around). We recommend using Chrome or Firefox as your browser, if possible.

We recommend 1-6 players for this game, though larger groups are possible. You only need to purchase one copy of Mission: Elfpossible if you are all playing together.

As a group, you can play by sharing one computer screen or by using multiple computer screens. The game auto-saves as you hit milestones, so if one person is ever behind, they can refresh the page to view the latest puzzle.

To play remotely, one player can share their screen through a video conferencing platform such as Zoom. Multiple players can still have the same website up and interact with the game.

Mission: Elfpossible is a 100% digital game, which means you can begin playing immediately after purchase via a desktop computer or a laptop.

Mission: Elfpossible only contains one part (versus two parts in other games). It is slightly longer than one part in our physical games. However, you can still take breaks while playing, since the game auto-saves.

Yes! The game is a light-hearted holiday adventure. The puzzles are still challenging though, so young players may need help. Like our other games, we recommend ages 14+.

Mission: Elfpossible has the same digital hint system as our other games. You can use as many, or as few, hints as you’d like. Each hint is designed to give you a nudge without giving too much away.

In this game, when you get a solution correct, you'll know it because the game will automatically progress.

Yes! To gift this game, enter your own email when you check out. This is so that the price in the order confirmation is not sent to the recipient. When you get an additional email from Pip at Elf Enterprises which starts the game, forward that to the gift recipient.

In addition, forward them this link to the Getting Started guide: https://play.puzzlingpursuits.com/mission-elfpossible.

You can buy multiple copies of Mission: Elfpossible in one order, if you are gifting to multiple recipients who will not be playing together. Each copy will create a slightly different email from Pip due to a different link, and you can forward each unique email to their intended recipient.

Yes! You have at least 1 year to play the game.