We started Puzzling Pursuits because we love playing and designing escape rooms, but there are some challenges with the in-person escape room experience.

First, it can be logistically difficult to get a group together, while going by yourself might feel a little intimidating. Some rooms aren't even built to be done with a single person or a small group, and with a one-hour time limit, it can be frustrating to make it work.

Second, escape rooms are expensive! There is the cost of getting to the venue and back, and an hour-long experience can cost each person $25-30. We love doing escape rooms, but the dollar-per-hour of entertainment wasn't adding up for us.

So, we set out to create an at-home experience that was better value and easier to play—whenever, with no time limits. On top of that, we aimed to create a richer storyline. Without needing to pack an entire experience in one hour, we have the luxury of adding more details to the story as you go through each game.

At Puzzling Pursuits, we strive to make some of the best at-home experiences for anyone who loves escape rooms, puzzles, riddles, or mysteries. We hope you enjoy what we've made.

We always welcome feedback, so please let us know what's on your mind at support@puzzlingpursuits.com or use the contact form below.