HOLIDAY PUZZLE CARDS (25 Cards and Envelopes)

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Want to send fun and unique cards this holiday season? Each greeting card contains space for a personalized message, a festive puzzle that provides 10-30 min of fun, and a link to hints & solutions.

The festive puzzle has been designed to be easier than the puzzles in our games, making it accessible and enjoyable for all experience levels. (Want to make the puzzle harder for a specific recipient? Simply cover up the poem inside the card!)

At a glance:

  • 25 cards (5" x 7") printed on sturdy matte cardstock
  • 25 premium red envelopes
  • Contains enough space for a personalized message
  • Puzzle provides 10-30 min of entertainment for the recipient
  • To solve the puzzle or view the solution, see:
  • Designed, printed, and hand-packed in California
  • Limited run, so get yours while supplies last!


We recommend recipients are ages 10 and older (lower than our typical 14+ recommendation), since this card is slightly easier than our games.