Welcome to The Puzzle Archive! Here you'll find a number of creative and perplexing enigmas, conundrums, quandaries and other such challenges. The more stars, the more challenging the puzzle. We will be adding to the archive periodically, so check back in periodically. Happy Puzzling!


A research institute's AI chatbot has malfunctioned, coinciding perfectly with several bizarre anomalies and errors at data centers around the world. Now, the chatbot's code is nowhere to be found. A concerned colleague reaches out for your help. Can you unravel this mystery?

Oh no! You wake up and see it’s almost 12pm on Thanksgiving day. You were supposed to help Aunt Edna and Uncle Earl prepare dinner, which starts at 5pm. You knew you shouldn’t have started that new TV series the night before... Can you figure out how to get dinner ready in time? 

The James Webb Space Telescope has uncovered what appears to be the first extraterrestrial communication attempt encoded through distant light-emitting objects. Will you be the first to unveil an extraterrestrial message? 

As we all know, pet rocks have unique personalities and features. What is less known, however, is that a pet rock's unique features lend themselves to a singular, perfect name for him or her. Today is your chance to learn this naming secret. We have included images of three perfectly named pet rocks but have left the fourth for you to discover...