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Codebreaker (Game 3) is out of stock, but La Famiglia (Game 1) and The Takedown (Game 2) can still be purchased.

The entire Trilogy will be back in stock early 2025. Want to be notified? Scroll to the bottom of the page to input your email address.

Enter Chicago during the Roaring '20s to take down a mafia organization that's shrouded in mystery. Crack codes, decipher clues, and ponder puzzling enigmas, while being immersed in a compelling storyline that utilizes real materials and events from the era. Can you crack this challenging case?

Game 1: La Famiglia
Game 2: The Takedown
Game 3: Codebreaker

Each game in the trilogy stands on its own, containing one full storyline made up of two parts with dozens of puzzles to decipher and clues to crack. Play with a group or on your own for hours of fun. Each game is like two escape room or mystery games in one.

⏳ 10+ hours of fun across three games and six parts

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The puzzles within these games are quite challenging. Many inexperienced players have enjoyed our games but often take more time and use more hints than more seasoned puzzle-solvers. Inexperienced players will also benefit from working in a group, since different players will find different puzzles easier. Our games have no time limit and come with an online hint system so that players of all experience levels can calibrate the game for themselves.

We recommend ages 14 and older. While the material is appropriate for younger players, the puzzles are quite challenging. That said, players younger than 14 have also enjoyed playing our games, typically in a group that includes older players.

We recommend groups of 1-6 people, though groups larger than 6 have enjoyed playing as well! A larger group just means players will need to share more of the puzzles.

Like most escape rooms or puzzle adventures, the game is fun when you don't know how to solve the puzzles, so it's typically played only once per person.

However, many players keep the materials in good condition (since none of the puzzles require destroying materials to solve them) to pass their game along to a friend or family member afterwards.

Yes, you will need Internet access to view the Online Companion Guide to get hints, check answers, and progress the story. You may also use the Internet to help solve several of the puzzles.